• Tirth-pathak-80x80

    Tirth Pathak

    Learning IELTS at SQS English academy is a great experience. The methodology of teaching is very different than others but is very effective. I have been doing tremendous exercises (over 100 practice tests and 25 mock tests in all four skills – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking).

  • Mr-80x80

    Sneh Thakar

    The word “ThankYou” is not enough to express my gratitude towards SQS English academy because they have helped me in all aspects of my study. Loads of thanks to the staff of SQS English Academy for uplifting my study and career. Thanks and salute to all.

  • Dipen-jethva-80x80

    Dipen Jethva

    It was a very great and convenient experience approaching SQS English Academy. The Teachers and counselors were very helpful. I was flooded with a very broad range of advices. Information for PTE and Visa was provided to me time to time.

  • Hardik-shah-80x80

    Hardik Shah

    SQS English Academy has provided me with all the necessary information and perfect coaching about PTE. All my doubts are taken care off by teachers and counselors. I would recommend SQS English Academy to all my friends and relatives who may be seeking to study or work abroad.

  • Ruchika-patel-80x80

    Ruchika Patel

    Had a great experience with SQS English Academy. They Made everything very easy and made me understand every minute details and every aspect of IELTS. Kudos to SQS English Academy.

  • Urvi-patel-80x80

    Urvi Patel

    It was a great experience, approaching SQS English Academy. My teachers and counselors were very convenient, helpful, a broad range of advices and ample information was provided from time to time. Hoping for a bright future ahead and a great experience. I wish SQS English Academy good luck for their future endeavors. Thanks for all support.

  • Krishna-patel-80x80

    Krishna Patel

    The experience in SQS was excellent. The staff was excellent and management of SQS was very good. I Proud to be student of SQS.

  • Ms-80x80

    Jisha Solanki

    Thanks to SQS English Academy for providing a friendly atmosphere, special thanks to the coach, tutors and counsellors for the efforts to make my future bright.

  • Jaydeep-mukadam-80x80

    Jaydeep Mukadam

    Best coaching staff. Experienced teacher and staff. The is staff very friendly and helpful.

  • Yogesh-phadnis-80x80

    Yogesh Phadnis

    Grateful thanks to SQS for my CANADA VISA.

  • Jay-patel-80x80

    Jay Patel

    Thank you very much SQS English Academy for my admission and completion of IELTS and for further process for Canada student visa.

  • Bhupen-aucher-80x80

    Bhupen Aucher

    Tremendous happiness on clearing IELTS which will help in processing my application for Canada Student visa. I thank SQS English Academy for their timely and accurate help in achieving success.

  • Pruthviraj-shinde-80x80

    Prithviraj Shinde

    SQS English Academy provides very excellent service. The staff is very co-operative and supportive. The teachers have students benefits at heart and hence, if we are mistaken, we may have to listen but only with the intention of our well being. The teachers are very knowledgeable and help everyone personally in solving difficulties.

  • Dharmendrasinh-solanki-80x80

    Dharmendra Solanki

    Had great experience. The faculty is well qualified and good. Headed me towards my goals. Helped me through all the difficulties I faced. I'm very happy. Thanks to SQS.

  • Jairaj-desai-80x80

    Jayraj Desai

    SQS English Academy has guided me in IELTS and Visa processes in the best way possible. My success in IELTS is due to this priceless guidance. I have received my visa and admission to the University of my choice.

  • Jayant-vispute-80x80

    Jayant Vispute

    It was a great experience in SQS English academy. Wonderful guidance and advice given by the Teachers and counsellors who motivated me a lot and finally got my visa done. It was a great experience in SQS English academy. Wonderful guidance and advice given by the Teachers and counsellors who motivated me a lot and finally got my visa done.

  • Riddhi Phadnis

    Very nice experience. All staff is very helpful and co-operative. Provides all important information. Always available for help. Go and experience it if you want to go abroad.

  • Darshan Patadia

    Very nice experience. Good teaching and excellent consultancy support.

  • Smit Shah

    Quick & fast delivery of knowledge and process satisfied with all the services provided by SQS.

  • Rupali Patel

    It was an awesome experience with SQS English academy. The COACHING department, as well as VISA PROCESSING staff, are really helpful and very supportive. It’s good to be an SQS English academy Student.

  • Sagar Mistry

    SQS English academy has one of the best team for providing guidelines to students for their foreign education purpose. All the staff is very cooperative and faculties here are best as they are providing guidance in a proper way.

  • Radhika Thakkar

    SQS English academy is very good for IELTS as well as a process for any country. All the faculty speak politely and also explain nicely.

  • Krunal Patel

    SQS English academy is having experienced as well as helpful teaching and consultancy staff and I got my VISA easily because of SQS.

  • Apurva Deshpande

    SQS English academy provides excellent coaching for IELTS as well as information regarding the college selection and visa procedure.

  • Nilesh Talegaonkar

    Grateful thanks to SQS English academy for my CANADA student VISA.Excellent coaching as well as counselling staff, Really helpful at every step.

  • Krunal Bhavsar

    SQS English academy has helped me a lot by providing excellent coaching as well as consultancy service throughout my 6 months of a journey.

  • Roma Mishra

    I am very thankful to SQS English academy for giving me a very good quality learning experience.

  • Bijal Shah

    SQS help me in getting admission and in every VISA process. Co-operatively and help me in each and every situation.

  • Om Shah

    I want to thank Shridhar Sir of SQS English Academy for his valuable help, Suggestions and advices that he has forwarded to me during my tenure with SQS English Academy which has made me successful in IELTS and opened avenues of Canada for me.

  • Sagar Parmar

    It was a memorable experience when I joined SQS English Academy for my IELTS. I came across a friendly staff which made me comfortable in study. My dream of study at Canada will become true now. The foundation course is very helpful to me as I have learnt many useful things during this and it had made my IELTS very easy. The staff of SQS English Academy is very flexible and understanding.

  • Varsh Patel

    I have got wonderful guidance from teachers of SQS English academy for IELTS foundation and IELTS courses. All my worries had gone and it was a superb experience studying at SQS English Academy.

  • Pankaj Patel

    I am undoubtedly grateful to SQS English Academy. The efforts they have taken for my study of IELTS are tremendous. They also helped me in getting through all the visa processes and documentations untiredly and commendably with perfection.

  • Bhargav Thakkar

    I am very much satisfied with the work done at SQS English Academy.

  • Hiral Patel

    Coaching and Consultancy both are satisfactory, it is nice to be here.

  • Heena Kherwar

    My experience with SQS Academy is awesome. I have learnt a lot from this institution. I was zero in English before I joined this institution. SQS Academy and particularly Shridhar Sir has paid personal attention to me as he does with other students as well which has created a big change in me. I could mug up over 3000 words in just two months. Parallel to it I learnt Grammar, reading techniques, Brain storming activities and hand writing improvement skillfully.

  • Mamta Khatik

    I joined SQS Academy for Spoken English. When I joined, I was not knowing how to use vowels and consonants. But, in just two months English became very easy for me instead of impossible which I was thinking earlier before joining SQS. Shridhar Sir gave personal attention, took care and pain to teach me English because of which today I feel English as my beloved language. My career doors have been wide open now.

  • Nishikant Choudhary

    I wanted to join SQS Academy way back in 2017 but I could practically do it in November 2018. Wow!! My experience with SQS academy is wonderful. I learnt a lot about different techniques, strategies, structures and methods in all the four language skills like writing, reading, listening and speaking. Even though I was from English medium (Convent) school, I learnt a lot from Shridhar Sir.

  • Dhaval Parekh

    I came to SQS Academy with a date of exam just 20 days prior to exam. It was a challenging task for anyone to teach me IELTS English language skills in just 20 days. I was poor in vocabulary, grammar and in use of different techniques to solve the papers. Hats off to Shridhar Sir. He did it skillfully. He took lot of pain for me and taught me everything I need to score over 6 Bands.

  • Nitin Patel

    Doing IELTS at age near 35 with Marketing job had become a challenge for me. I joined SQS Academy with this challenge and told Shridhar Sir to help me in scoring over 7. He guided me properly and perfectly. I followed his instructions in toto and could achieve my target.

  • Siddharth Wagh

    I learnt Spoken English at SQS English Academy. When I joined SQS, I was not knowing English is so easy to learn. I learnt English Grammar, Speaking practice in 24 different situations, Extempore and group discussion in detail for several topics. I know now that my selection of joining SQS English Academy was perfect and it has yielded very good result.

  • Pramod Wagh

    Being a self employed and a corporate trainer, it was must for me to know English perfectly. I joined SQS English Academy as my only chance to learn English. My experience with SQS is splendid. I learnt lot many things including Spoken English. Things needed for a corporate trainer have also been taught to me. Learning at SQS English academy are helpful to me in my career as well.

  • Arun Soni

    Learning English was a boring job for me. I never wanted to undergo cumbersome hardwork to learn English. But, this was delaying my student visa to UK. I heard that at SQS English Academy, English learning is fun. I joined SQS English Academy with the pre-condition that English will not be a difficult task for me. In my surprise I found English learning a fun making job as the methodology here is totally different than that of other institutions. I enjoyed English here. I also learnt a lot. Thanks to Shridhar Sir.

  • Yash Shah (Surat)

    Learning English at SQS Academy was a wonderful experience. I was working with an MNC (FAG) at Vadodara. After completing my job 20 Kms away from SQS class, I used to attend English class. But I never felt boredom. All my co-students were very co-operative. Learning English was a fun. All those stories, jokes and fun related to topic made English learning joyful.

  • Shivam Patel

    I joined SQS Academy after bitter experience from a big English coaching Institute. I was afraid about my experience here at SQS Academy, but to my utmost satisfaction I learnt here, got my visa for New Zealand and is now very happy. Thanks to SQS Academy and Shridhar Sir.

  • Nila Patel

    When I joined SQS Academy last year, I was big zero in English. Shridhar Sir took personal pain and care for my improving English for over a year. Now I can speak, write, read and understand English the way experts do. Thanks to SQS Academy.

  • Vishal Patel

    I wanted to go to Poland for making bright career. I needed to know English well to clear my interview (Both University and Embassy) and then for my bright career. I was directed to SQS English Academy by my Visa Councilor. I was afraid whether I will be able to clear my both interviews. But, Shridhar Sir took due pain and I could clear both my interviews successfully. I was awarded Visa in just four days.

  • Samir Patel

    It is Vishal Patel who took me to SQS Academy for learning English. Initially, I was not willing to learn but it was compulsory for me to learn English as I also wanted to go to Poland. My experience with SQS Academy was fantastic. All the things which I forgotten since school days have been cleared. I learnt Spoken English. I could clear all my interviews successfully.

  • Nirmal Parmar

    I wanted to go to Europe but my English was very poor. My friend Shivam had very good experience at SQS Academy. He recommended me and I joined SQS Academy. To my surprise and satisfaction, I learnt English thoroughly and can converse like an expert. My dream for Europe has also come true.

  • Bhavnaben Choraya

    I joined SQS Academy on suggestion from one of my family friends. I wanted to learn Business English which was my need to take care of my business properly. The experience was fantastic. I learnt Business English there and touch wood, I am delighted.

  • Aishwarya Navde

    My experience of learning Spoken English at SQS Academy can’t be explained in words. I got experience and practice of Extempore, Group Discussion, Word games, Quiz, Brain storming sessions and what not at SQS Academy. I suggest everybody to join SQS Academy and enjoy the best coaching experience. Hope, it will be updated at the earliest.

  • Jignesh Patel

    Shridhar Sir met me at my previous institute where I joined to learn IELTS. But he left that organization to start his own i.e. SQS Academy. Sooner I came to know about it, I left my previous institute to join SQS Academy. This was because learning from Shridhar Sir is altogether a very different experience. His novel stories and jokes for different grammar topics and entirely new and effective methods of teaching IELTS yields best and perfect results. His high standard (75% marks for passing) made my score in IELTS as required. Here, at SQS Academy learning English is fun. I never felt I am learning English but was experiencing something new.

  • Jahnavi Kashikar

    Spoken English can be so easy and funny was not known to me before I joined SQS Academy. So many activities in so less time! Everyday was full of fun and new experience. Though it was a busy and tense day for brainstorming and other brain games, I enjoyed all the days learning so called difficult language. Actually, at SQS Academy, English is not at all a difficult language.

  • Nishant Zagde

    When I was told to do 100 words per day to improve English, I was under tremendous tention, but, the methodology was very different. I did 3500 words in just 40 days. Simultaneously, I learnt grammar from most experienced teacher Shridhar sir. Unparalleled experience. Just mind blowing.

  • Bhagyashri Jadhav

    My employer permitted me to do the spoken English class during the job timings. He only paid my fees. This was because he knew about Shridhar Sir and his abilities. I learnt English at SQS academy. Now it is useful to me like anything. I git promotion sooner I got completed my spoken English course at SQS Academy.

  • Rohit Talegaonkar

    After my Xth passing, I was in search of some good Spoken English class. My uncle suggested me about SQS Academy as he had very good experience with SQS. I joined SQS Academy and in just two months I could improve my English loke anything. Now I can speak, Write and read English like an expert. Thanks to SQS Academy.

  • Parth Bhatiya

    I wanted to go to Canada earlier but then I changed my mind to go to Poland. I joined SQS Academy. Today, I am able to clear University Interview and also Embassy Interview in one shot. My Writing , Speaking and Reading are so perfect that people don’t believe that I am from Gujarati medium school.

  • Parth Thakor

    My friend Yash Patel suggested me to join SQS Academy for English speaking. I joined with a view to prepare fpr Poland interview. I did the job successfully with the help of Shridhar sir of SQS Academy. I also got the best guidance about Poland.

  • Saloni Arya

    For my Entrance tests after XIIth, I joined SQS Academy to learn English and Maths. In just two months, I could do the best. Today, I am the student of National Institute of Design in Pune. Shridhar sir helped a lot in my this endeavour.

  • Vikas Mishra

    I joined SQS Academy for learning English from alphabets. It took me over a year to learn English thoroughly but my experience was awesome.

  • Axay Patel

    I started Spoken English course as a means to appear in Competitive exams. At SQS Academy, I was surprised with the methodology used here to teach English. It is totally different and very effective than others. I could learn thorough English grammar, Speaking in 24 different situations and through Group Discussions, Extempores, One-to-one speaking etc.

  • Kuldeep Kulkarni

    English learning was never so fun filled. I joined SQS academy for IELTS but then changed my purpose as spoken English. I enjoyed learning novel techniques of remembering grammar concepts. A lot of hard work was also involved.

  • Shashikant Gautam

    I was very busy when I started English learning at SQS academy. The institute was very flexible in timings with me. I used to change my timings as per my shifts but the staff was very adjustable and co-operated with me. I also could learn a lot about English language here. Since I am from Haryana, English was truly a foreign language for me. But now, I am very fluent in reading, writing and speaking English.

  • Jyotika Solanki

    I joined SQS Academy for Spoken English. I am from Gujarati medium and that too from remote rural area. Hence, initially, English was very tough for me. But, here, I learnt a lot, thoroughly and perfectly.

  • Ketul Patel

    I was from Dabhoi, a 35 Kms away from Baroda. My TY B.Sc. was going on when I joined SQS Academy. Hence, It was very difficult for me to spare extra time for English speaking. I learnt a lot about Grammar, Speaking in different situations etc. Today, I am very fluent in speaking, perfect in writing and understanding English.

  • Yash Panchal

    I joined SQS Academy because my friend Ketul Patel joined it and suggested me to join. My appreciation was that it must be like other English classes but when I experienced the teaching, visa process support and other things, I made up my mind to excel in English language with a view to go abroad. I must be thankful to SQS Academy for the extra-ordinary support they have extended to me.

  • Rudra Patel

    Yash and I joined together. The grammar taught was excellent. The brain storming was tremendous and practice for IELTS was tiresome. But it was all necessary for best results in IELTS.

  • Nikhil Herma

    I intended to go to Poland but my English was so poor that I needed to learn it thoroughly. I joined SQS Academy with my friend Nishant and both of us learnt English nicely. I could clear my University and Embassy interviews and to day I am at Poland.

  • Nishant Patel

    Nikhil and I joined together SQS Academy for English improvement. Initially, it was tough as we need to mug up over thousand words. But, slowly slowly it became a daily practice. The grammar we learnt was easy to understand and remember. The practice for facing Embassy and University interviews was very tiresome. But, it was needed to go to Poland.

  • Himanshi Patel

    My experience with other institutes for IELTS studies was bitter and hence when I was suggested to go to SQS Academy by my friend, I was reluctant. But, when I saw the teaching methodology of SQS Academy, my doubt was over. I learnt thorough grammar, over 3500 words, brain storming on almost 300 topics and reading of 50 passages, my foundation became perfect. My IELTS preparation was so in-depth that when I went for exam, I was confident of getting 7 bands.

  • Sarju Mavi

    I attended the class for English improvement. I was having very less time as my MBA was to start. My experience with SQS Academy was excellent.

  • Daksh Trivedi

    Hey! Hurray…! Learning English at SQS Academy was an unforgettable experience. I learned through scratch till expert level. Fantastic learning experience.

  • Mr. Anthony Parmar

    I was a lazy fellow before joining SQS Academy. But, the methodology and work load made me energetic. Everyday, I need to prepare for tens of words in vocabulary, write many more sentences in grammar, read 2-3 passages to understand and explain to teacher and so many other activities made me perfect in English. Thanks to SQS Academy.

  • Varsha Kothi

    The purpose of joining SQS Academy was to learn business communication. My experience with SQS Academy was awesome. I could learn E-mail drafting, Business letter drafting, Report writing, Business / Sales communication etc. I will suggest all my friends and relatives to join SQS academy for English learning of any kind.

  • Kaivalya Pandit

    After passing SSLC (Xth) exam, the biggest issue I was facing was of English communication. I joined SQS academy and my experience was fantastic. I learnt a lot like Reading & Understanding, Speaking, Writing, Brain Storming, Extempore etc. It is very useful to me in my Diploma studies.

  • Pooja Pandit

    My English was very poor even though I was from English medium. I joined SQS Academy to improve my English. Initially, it looked very difficult but then, due to innovative teaching techniques, I learnt English very well. Thanks to SQS Academy.

  • Kanubhai Patel

    I started learning English @ SQS Academy for the purpose of Communication. My need was to learn written and Spoken Communication. SQS academy has developed Customised course for me which includes E-mail writing, Report Writing, Business Letter Writing, Sales Meetings, Administrative Meetings, Meetings with Hire-ups including Directors, GMs etc. The course was very in-depth and subjective. All my needs were fulfilled. It was a memorable time with Faculty at SQS academy.

  • Aftab Pathan

    English learning was a dream for me prior to joining SQS Academy. I was knowing nothing but in four months I could learn Spoken English at length. Thanks to SQS Academy.

  • Uma Mulye

    My intention to join SQS academy was to improve English language to get professional touch for my Student Counseling business/profession. Three months at SQS Academy has taught me a lot in public speaking, personal coaching, Verbal and written communication. Thank you SQS academy.

  • Vikas Mishra

    I joined SQS Academy for learning English from alphabets. It took me over a year to learn English thoroughly but my experience was awesome.

  • Mr. Sagar Patel

    Learning English was a headache for me before joining SQS Academy. I joined for IELTS to go for study to Canada. The methodology ofSQS Academy is different than other institutes. Hence, initially it was difficult for me. But then, I got myself adjusted and English became easier for me. This institute makes us to work hard for success. Over 100 practice tests for each of the four skills like Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking have made us perfect in all aspects because of which scoring over 6 bands is never difficult.

  • Mr. Anthony Parmar

    I was a lazy fellow before joining SQS Academy. But, the methodology and work load made me energetic. Everyday, I need to prepare for tens of words in vocabulary, write many more sentences in grammar, read 2-3 passages to understand and explain to teacher and so many other activities made me perfect in English. Thanks to SQS Academy.

  • Mr. Harsh Patel

    Getting 7 /9 bands was my dream. Initially, it was a tedious job but then due to innovative methods of SQS Academy, I could learn and perform better resulting to 7.5 bands score. More than what was needed for me to go to Canada.

  • Mr. Yougik Patel

    Learning IELTS from Shridhar Sir was a memorable experience for ever. Grammar, Vocabulary, Brain storming, different Techniques, methods, Strategies, etc. was really unique. I learnt a lot from him. Thank you Shridhar Sir.

  • Mr. Sunny Patel

    I was not knowing what the IELTS is few months back. But learning it from Shridhar sir was awesome experience. I was slower than others in responding but then I speeded up and achieved required speed. Thanks to Shridhar sir for making English easy.

  • Ms. Nishtha Rehangdale

    I had a great experience of learning English from Shridhar sir. His knowledge has benefitted all of us a lot in making IELTS easier. The Tips, Guidance, direction apart from Strategies, Methods, Techniques, in all four skills Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking have helped us a lot in achieving our goals.Hope, these will be uploaded immediately.