About Us

SQS - stands for "Standard, Quality and Simplicity" - are the three pillars of our organization. With our years of experience, we have learned that to do something great we need these three things in ourselves. A Standard should be the highest possible, Quality should be equivalent / conforming to the standard and these two things should be implemented with utmost simplicity.

SQS ‘Shree Quality Systems’, the name itself suggests about Systems that take you to the latest international standards in all the activities we are involved in. 'Shree' in Sanskrit means the best, the ultimate, the source of great energy, the utmost position or degree to achieve which is not possible without the highest standard, best quality work and simplified way of working. Innovation is the secret of Simplicity and the most difficult task in this world is to simplify the most difficult thing.

The discipline, systematic approach that we imply in our profession are the major game changers, which have helped us to reach this level of success. The quality of training we provide reflects clearly in the result of our students and the satisfaction our candidates express once they complete our training process. It’s the motive of making a difference in the society through what we have/are good at. We started this journey with coaching the students for an English exam and now we have expanded our wings to provide Competitive examinations training, IELTS/PTE coaching and Corporate training.

SQS Core Values

To educate people for their prospective future of employability, skillfulness, prosperity, progress and richness of knowledge.

SQS Ethics

To grow in highly competitive market keeping in view not to harm anyone, not to eliminate, insult, discard and not to take revenge of any person or organization whosoever he/she it may be.

SQS Vision

To help create a novel society where knowledge has maximum respect, rewards, response, reliability and renaissance (rebirth) to achieve the utmost height.

SQS Mission

To teach, coach and train the people by various methodologies, techniques, strategies, structures and tricks to make the learning easier, simpler, understandable, persuadable and clear in its originality and the person can pass on the same to others in totality.

Our Culture

The culture of SQS Academy is rich in experience, wide in experiments, deep in studies, pure in character, versatile in acceptance and negligible in hate and rivalry.

The culture we have developed is non-comparable, non-competitive and full with grace of almighty. We learnt through live experiences, deep thought processes, solution finding attitude and learning behavior.

We believe in the best – best inputs through international syllabus, world class coaching, unmatched services, rigorous hard work and required smart work. We know, people expect from us only the best results. Hence, we strive our best to generate best results – may it either be in IELTS / PTE / Spoken English / Business English or may be in Competitive Exams like GPSC / UPSC / Banks / SSC or any other exam or may it be in any Corporate Training Workshop where all professionals are participating.

Keeping ourselves Regularly Updated is in our nature. We keep keen eye on changing Visa rules, Changing Exam Patterns, Changing Syllabus, Changing Corporate Culture, Changing People’s Opinions and Changing Students’ requirements of facilities and amenities. We try our level best to fulfill everything we can.

We believe in keeping our standard very high, conforming to those quality standards and throughout this hectic process we always keep ourselves very simple, straight forward and innocent.

Ultimately, we know we meet with good people only because only good people can meet with good people as like-minded people only can create wonders.